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We keep track of all your lawn, garden, pool and exterior home needs.

What we do

We offer a simple solution for winter residents, frequent flyers or anyone tired of managing all of their home services. We inspect your home’s exterior once per month to ensure that your lawn, garden and pool are properly maintained..

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Plants / Gardens

We will check for disease, lack of water, over growth, insects, etc.


Pool Area

We will check water levels and clarity and skimmer baskets for leaves/debris.


Pumps / Grills

Are your pumps running smoothy, filters clean and are there any leaks?



Are the fountains, ponds and other water effects clean and functioning? Is the water reasonably clean?


Trees / Hedges

Are the trees and hedges trimmed, watered and absent of evasive insects like white fly, scale, etc.


Patio Areas

Are the patio and grill areas clean and free of any new cracks, separation, insects or standing water?

How it works

Our team of trained landscape specialists will inspect your home’s exterior for visible problems with your lawn, garden, driveway, windows, doors and pool area. We will highlight any deficiencies and contact your vendors for you to make sure it gets fixed so you don’t have to. Customers receive a detailed report after each inspection highlighting any deficiencies.

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About us

Nancy Collins is a 20-year resident of Martin County and a mother of two. She is a design graduate with extensive experience in construction and task management.
Mike Flaugh is a Landscape Architect and Florida native. Mike has over 30 years of experience and knowledge of maintaining outdoor spaces in tropical environments.

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